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High-Quality Sun Shades and Awnings

Solair Awnings & Sunshades

  • Blocks harmful effects of sun
  • Helps keep space cool
  • Protects furnishings from fading
  • Extends the usability of your space

Sun shades and awnings are ideal when you are looking to provide shade for a covered deck, patio or exterior window. Shades provide privacy, protection from harmful UV rays, energy savings and reduce glare inside your home.


Retractable Deck & Patio Awnings

Retractable lateral arm awnings are the ideal shading solution for decks and patios. They can be conveniently mounted on the wall, soffit or roof for additional headroom. With a simple hand crank or the convenience of an optional motor, your awning will instantly protect you and your family from the elements.

Exterior Rolling Screens

Exterior rolling solar screen systems are the perfect solution for maintaining shade and comfort in your home, office, or patio.  Sunshades dramatically decreases heat and glare caused by the sun and is the ideal solution for solar protection, glare control, and energy savings.